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Are you a person who listens to music for the instrumentals or for the lyrics?


Have you ever had an out of body experience?  I have, It's very very strange....you can see yourself.  As if you're looking at your own body, face, everything....


mschillagrip (1:51:01 AM): do u ever think that theres emotions that you can feel that dont exsist?
gringodeuno (1:51:16 AM): yes


Point of View

In the name of Faith

       I was in Milan in early October when Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, delivered a speech at a conference in Berlin where he declared that the achievements of modern Western society clearly demonstrates that western culture is far superior to Islamic Civilization and every other culture in the world. Mr.. berlusconi defined superiority as accomplishments in economic development, social progress and political democracy. But his speech was about partitioning the world into opposites - Good or Evil, God or the Devil, us or "them" -- rather than arbitrating progress. 

    What type of faith sustains the notion that one culture is better than another? In our past and present this fervent clinch to faith (often under the guise of religious indoctrination) has thwarted intellectual discourse on understanding our similarities and differences as individuals and distinct cultures.

    It seems unfathomable that so much judgment and hatred is associated with a religion that preaches universal and unconditional love. Or maybe not, for the rise and expansion of Christianity in Medieval Europe was not one of peaceful conversion. The Crusades and the campaigns against heresy were bloody affairs. Many religious books contain passages of violence.

    Increased alienation and poverty calcifies this embrace of faith. Our parents beliefs no longer serve as valid guidance in modern society. Contemporary Western cultures measure an individuals worth via a performance continuum, and our ability to navigate along this scale defines our humanity.

    People are disillusioned. The social institutions that adjudge our worth are failing in their function to provide them with the tools to succeed.

    I choose to view faith differently. For instance, while globalization will inevitably diversify and integrate international markets why cant the advantages of efficient economic production also benefit the poor and the helpless? I see a generation of young people with a consciousness to create a more humane world - a world where the amelioration of our lives does not come at the expense and exclusion of others. 

    Is it possible for medicines to be made available to those who cannot afford them while still keeping pharmaceutical companies profitable? Why do our farm policies crate food surpluses that spoil in government warehouses while there is famine elsewhere in the world? I believe this too is an expression of faith -- not one grounded in religious dogma, but grounded in the hope of fostering a more just world.

    Religion rarely provides answers to all the questions of life. blind adherence to a religion often prevents or  discourages the individual from pursuing a discourse with others not swayed by the same faith.

   Faith has many faces.

                                                    Long Nguyen

"Wut do blind people dream about?" - DRU

"You think JIMMY EAT WORLD has something to do with JEW?"  - Vince  

Jimmy Eat World

How come you cant hear peoples accents when they sing??? hmmmmm

Ozzy for example and the lead singer in Green Day, Billy Joe