smooch  haha my rosy cheeks  me austin & heidi playin a drinking game  me & my friend andrea on her bday, i mader her wear the special birthday hat  my buddy kelly at work with the hobo glasses she bought me  

    me, joshies sister nicole & joshies gf whitney havin fun in colorado alan, dusty, me, joshie & whitney my buddy andrea and i being silly at work     party time :)  austin, heidi & me two cuties  ooo almond flavored champagne    me & andrea blurry but funny   my buddy austin  my girly heidi sittin in her truck  heidi, me & austin chillin  austin & da hooooookah  chillin   outside in my backyard  

 I have a special, good, close friend in my life named Mike. He's a sweet<3. 

  tha old crew...dru is the artist of this pic, i think its time for a new drawing my buddy pete, known him since i was friken 13, same with dru DRU & his nice WRX..."HALLO !!!"   DRU at starbucks  

  mario, this is my bro right here i grew up with this kid "fire fire!"  hollie, ive known her since she was born (she's only 16 so back off!)  

  haley, love ya "numb teeth"   haleys first tat :) 

<--after  before-->  Me & Tony in Las Vegas June 2001  Me & , well....Tonk