Please don't steal any of my poetry.  I put a lot of  thought into my writing.  To have it stolen from me would be robbing me of one of the only things that  allow me to escape...Thank You.                                                                                                                                                                             


The following poem is dedicated to my Grandma Sue DiNapoli who lived in Colorado.  She passed away from cancer...

Treasured Tender Soul

Thank you for all the wisdom you've shared...

Thank you for al the constant laughter when surrounded by family...

Thank you for being so sincere and thoughtful all the while...

Thank you for your gifts, and your smile...

For all the warming food that would light up your senses...

For all the memories shared, and soft glances...

Thank you Grandma Sue, for all you do...

But, Thank you most of all, for just being you...grandma sue.jpg (17498 bytes)

I love you very much,

Warmest Graces,

Sara Clevers

August 4th, 2005

Blank Space

Have you ever felt like pulling the hood of your sweatshirt over your head?

Like sucking the life out of the world and holding it in?


Breathe everything in just for you.

So that you can feel life flowing within...


In moments like these, I wonder what it is that's going on deep inside my mind.

What should I do?  How should I feel?


Blank is what fills my head...

Nothing there but space.


Space to be filled with knowledge, with power...

With life.


But I just stare off into the distance and blink my eyes that sting

For tears have fallen from them in moments previous  to this...


Then it all comes back to me as the chills cascade upon my skin.

I am awake once more.


8:52 - 8:55PM

© Sara Clevers


Void Visions 2`23`03 `1:33am

I feel empty.

I'm having an out of body experience.

Blinking doesn't resolve

my blurred vision.

But, realty snaps back

like an earthquake

And again, the tears flow.

The pain pours from

my bloodshot eyes

And I weep.

 I weep for your pain,

I weep for mine,

I weep for his,

And I weep for hers.

I weep for everyone...

...for I possess enough tears inside to turn a desert into an ocean.

WINTER 10.01.02 * 6:12PM

Breathe in cold memories of previous winter days.  It's nice to have goosebumps...I smile of relaxation and chilled air surrounding me.  Wintertime is so calming...causes blank stares and a clear mind.

I feel nothing right now...I remain emotionless...Ignoring everything around me, besides Mother Nature...*deep breath* "Ah...I fill my lungs with you..."

The coldness of my pants brush up against my skin, and spark, goosebumps.  It's lovely.

Wintertime is here to stay for a while...the begining of my month, the begining of something new, and much needed in my life...


Internal Flames 11-9-02, 12:27pm

Hydroplaning narrow roads...Fog fills my vision like a thick blanket.

Music carries my thoughts away.  And I'm left with a clear mind...

Staring blankly, no emotion, gazing as if I'm drifting away,

into my own little world.           

Still staring...                                                                      Still gazing...

Millions of fireflies, buzz around inside my stomach, up and into my chest...flying, burning

Is this emotion filling me?

What do I feel?  What is this?

My chest is tight and it's hard to breathe...

Rain will soothe my soul...each drop like a tender kiss.

I thirst for you...

(I wrote this the night before my DUI)



CascadinG DowN MY SkiN.

IT SurroundS ME, CleansinG...

MY SouL IS RefresheD...

AnD I SmilE, ThaT SmiRK, ImplanteD ON MY FacE,

AnD AT ThiS MomenT...NO OnE CaN BreaK IT.

I SiT TherE EnjoyinG MY OuT OF BodY ExpieriencE...

AnD I StarE AT MyselF CalmlY...

FrozeN EyeS PeerinG IntO MY MinD...

MoutH OpeN, BreathinG IN ME.

SheS WatchinG ME, AnD ShE KnowS...

             ShE KnowS ME...

I AM ShE                               

           AnD I LeT GO.

"Lullaby"          5:42PM

I slip below these moments of enchanted evenings...

They surrender to me like a rythmatic lullaby.

I keep them close, close but almost too far...

Is this the light that has shined before me?           Where am I going?

Perhaps I'll figure out how to shine another time...

Rewind, Do it all over,


This lullaby getting stronger, This body getting weaker.

Have I surrendered?         What hope remains here?

10*03*03  5:46PM



Upheaval    2-23-03  1:25 AM

Clenching fists and broken eyes.

Shaking motions,

And sobbing cries…

Tears are shed,

From my own eyes…

Gasping for air…

As anger fills my veins…

Uprising emotions,

And terrible pains.

Why are you here?

Where have you come from?

I fucking hate you…

But can’t see you coming.

Why do you come ripping into our worlds?

Invisible power will destroy us all…

Fuzzy head atop my shoulders…

The pain you cause, it hits like boulders…

Why them?

Why now?

Can’t I ask how?

How are you doing your job so well?

If you ask me, you can fucking go to hell.

I cannot wish you away.

I’m in such a distant state of mind…

Right now it’s hard to even make out words…

This emotion is so intense…

It has me locked in its grasp so tightly,

And it won’t let me go.

Attempting to gather enough strength in me to stop shaking…

Hard attempt…

But I’m losing it…

This is where…

My poem ends… 

2-23-03 1:29 AM-this poem is about death, if you haven't already guessed


Fallen Star

like a fallen star,

ive fallen all the way to the earths surface

but yet im still burning.

my everlasting glow reflects in the eyes of all that surround me.

they stare emotionlessly...

as if they are waiting for something incredible to happen.

but i still remain, glowing.

i wonder if ill ever be afloat the clouds again,

if ill ever shoot across the open sky once more...

if i ever happen to...will you wish upon me?

6:45 PM~~12.22.2002

Sway    11-25-02 4:40 PM

I'm like a weeping willow
Lifelessly swaying in the furious breeze...

Life has taken a tole on me lately,
its been a horrendous month.

I've realized in the end...all you have is yourself.
Only YOU have the power to control your future.

All I ask is the strength...the strength to proceed.
I'm rather weak at this moment, but I don't show it.
My weakness remains locked inside my head,
just as I'm locked inside my house...not free to live my life.

I have freedom, but when do I get to use it?
When will my life get back on track?

I don't wish to sway any longer....

© Sara Clevers

(The following 3 poems can be viewed on , just search for Sara Clevers, thank you.)


Hidden Tears

This is a poem about the loneliness that I often feel...

Im crying...
but you cant see my tears.
For my tears...
they are hidden.
Hidden inside my heart...

Deep inside where no one knows.
They can't be found.
They are here to stay...
Unless, somehow, someday...
I won't feel this way.

I wish you could stop my tears from flowing...
I wish I could stop you...from going.
The salt from my tears...
has left an endless trail...

Sara R Clevers

Copyright ©2001 Sara R Clevers 



The Nightlight brightens up my face
As I gaze at the stars tonight.
The patchy clouds shade the twinkling stars,
As they coast along the dark open sky.
I hold my breath and the clouds suddenly pause,
Once I take a deep breath and soak in all the beauty,
They begin to move again.
The deep blue sky is like a fantasy land.
So elegant and so out of touch,
But I can swallow all that mystery,
That lies within that dreamy blanket...
And wrap myself up in it.
The Nightlight has a never ending glow
It's orangeish orb lights the atmosphere around it
I wish upon a bright star...
My wish is to be that bright star...
So that I can view what the world that I live in is like.
Life should be looked at in different perspectives,
And that is why I gaze at the Nightlight.

Sara Rene Clevers

Copyright ©2001


Where had I Heard this Wind Before?

Where had I heard this wind before?
The silent whisper grabs hold of my ears.
Rhythmic waves sail through my mind.
It's as I'm in a trance, dancing within
This wind, so delicate, so soothing
The coldness grasps my body in its clutch.
As the chills swim down my spine.
I feel like I'm floating.
Floating in a land where no one knows.
A land, where no one goes.
The wind, caresses my body like a new born baby and its loving mother.
It takes my breath away and lifts my spirit.
As I soar across the open valley, my mind drifts of into the distance.
My thoughts dance around me like ballerinas on stage
I see what I'm thinking...feeling...
This wind gets stronger lifting me far into the sky.
I never knew that wind could make you fly!
I feel tingly and a striking pain across my back.
It feels as if something is trying to push out of me.
It wants to be released.

I scream in pain and feel a soft bundle on my shoulder blades...The wind whispers one more time to me..."Spread your wings and fly, my Angel."

Sara Rene Clevers

Copyright ©2001

Casted Shadows

Darkness under hazel eyes...
Seeping through porcelain-doll skin.
Caused by sleepless nights...
And unspoken feelings within.
My body aches from loss of self-love.
Is my health draining out of me?
What is this pain I feel inside me late at night?
Why does it burn inside me?
My eyes sting and my head is cloudy...
This hand, slowly, lazily making my words known...
Forever they will remain, in ink, on 8 1/2 * 11 ...
Only to leave the ignorant questioning me...
And still, my eyes cast shadows...

9-23-02 1:50 AM © Sara Clevers