Chelly all dressed up for her first Homecoming are so beautiful 

dad at his new shop rachel, cute dork uncle mark & ray making stuff, rachel reminds me so much of myself, and she looks just like me when i was younger 

katie kitty showing us her "egyptian cat face" hannah getting big too!  baby kyras 1st bday! getting so big...      wow big bubble!



me and mona chillin in da pooh


me & mom at pala mesa resort in fallbrook  jovie & i   were laughing cuz our boobs were touching haha  me & mom on vince's bday  

chillin at my cuz becky's graduation party cuz debbie and baby kyra   cuz nichole doing a kegstand haha  cuz debbie & me up close  debbie & mom    dad & me  mom, dad & debbie 

me & aunt mona me & my mom dad at a kegger like father like daughter me & my aunt ellie yaaaaaa! the DRI stance awesome me & my cuz nichole  me & cuz becky  my crazy mom doing a keg stand becky, mom & aunt ellie   aunt laura, mom & aunt susie in colorado 

   hannah playing on a racing game, haha she couldnt reach the pedals  uh oh here she comes  pretty pic of mama aka fatass  here's that pretty kitty again  mom, hollie & me (hollie's sweet 16)  new years 2005  me, andrea's son Ikaika, & Jovie    tryin to push me off of the chair  he looks surprised  at ruth's chris for new years  hypnotiq  i thought this pic looked cool cuz it seems like i added a special effect to it  playin some poker & drinking french martini's      poker face   laughing about the hair trick    

  the gang chillin at the table  being himself joshie's new dreadlocked look cud mike in reno at mt. rose reno           reno mall, man look at that chocolate  wedding     rock on awww, she looks so sweet & innocent being a monkey    cuz debbie, cuz nicole & me @ grandmas house  if you look close hannah is picking her nose hahaha      "fairy" party haha  cuz debbie & me at the wedding   aunt susie, me & laura w/our drinks before the wedding  dancing the day before the wedding  like father like son  at mcdonalds  (halloween dress up band concert) you were great chelly!!   hannah  rachel & dad in the background   my cuz robert & micah   my aunt mona & i        thanksgiving cookin'   chelsea you are getting too big too fast , stop it !!  hannah & rachel  san diego zoo   my mommy & the apron i made her :)    backyard of our old house     westside!!, okay so im not the best influence...            (19th bday)     cud mike & me in reno     me & joshie ah, theres that "family face" once again wpe2.jpg (22391 bytes)  uncle mike   partying...i love you guys ur silly        in vegas yeh baby (right before an AFI concert) i love this pic...trying on wedding dresses vince & mom    chelsea, rachel, & hannah, (12, 7 and 6) I <3 U Guys!      our cat "fatass"  hannah being silly  jovie cornholio colorado airport you rock mom my daddy & me :)      :)  me & joshie    chel & ray, back when they still loved eachother j/k haha!     aunt mona at ruth's chris steakhouse