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***this website is mine.  it is not intended to offend you nor to bore you. if it does, then you may leave, there is no obligation to stay.   however, you may consider this website of mine a small glimpse into my world...if anything at all.  i hope you find what you are looking for...***

A Little About Me:

I am Sara, if you haven't already figured that out, please click the X in the upper right hand corner. thank you. I've got my own place now in Oceanside!!! :)  I attend Palomar College.  My goals are to major in English (poetry/creative writing) and to minor in photography. I would love to be a freelance writer. my dream is to become a famous published poet and to be a semi famous photographer on the side, just for some extra cash and as a hobby.  it is a slow process but I have the hope and faith that I will succeed... I am very blunt and straight forward at times, as well as random. I am an artist. A self taught poet, but some day I plan to publish my own book, I'll let you know when you can look for it at a store near you! HaHa.  I consider myself a deep person who escapes through my poetry and photography. I'm a weird, hyper, creative, and energetic, friendly person with a great sense of humor and a unique style.  I can be pretty strange at times but tends to make people laugh, and I get a kick out of it. ---Nuff Said---

Some Stuff I Like:

I like to party, but I don't do it very often.  i enjoy to smoke dah  hoooookah!!   i really love going to shows and concerts & on days when im feeling ballsy ill hit up them mosh pits!  OCOTILLO & GLAMIS BABY...I am obsessed with my Sony cybershot digital camera , it has brought out a more creative side to me...besides, I love taking pictures and im a ham for the cam!  video games rock.  I love to play pool and air hockey and go bowling, out to eat (Sushi, Chinese), & im always up for going to the movies.  I love to make people laugh!  my favorite car is an Acura Integra Type R!!  I love flowers.  I LOVE shopping.  its so fun to jump in puddles after a fresh rain, speaking of that I love the smell of wet asphalt.   swing sets kick ass!   I like is dancing around my room with music blasting and I pretend im the lead singer.  davey havok is a genius! not to mention sexy. Beavis & Butthead.  I loooove watching the sunset change colors every night in my backyard. poo poo platters = yummy!  neckties.  kittens 

Some Stuff I Don't  Like:

CLOWNS!--trying to find a damn parking spot at school--when people don't put something back where they got it from--im afraid of the dark--I hate feet, ugh! don't touch me with them, I WILL smack you--dead silence is creepy to me and makes me nervous--stupid people-- awkwardness-- bands and/or people who don't compose/write their own music--stuck up people--fat chicks who wear tight clothes-- shaving, why the hell do we grow hair anyways? if we wanted to keep warm we could just put some more clothes on!--when u need to fart but u cant, man that's like the worst huh?--"cheer queers"--spiders, EEK! if I see one I will jump on the nearest piece of  furniture--


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